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 Rotary Phase Converter Gold Series Control Panel  

Rotary Phase Converter Gold Series Control Panel

The gold series rotary control panel is the newest generation in phase converter panels. These panels are better suited for voltage sensitive equipment loads, plus it can be used on standard equipment as well. Because of the internal design of the gold series, you will be able to achieve better performance from your motor idler generator. The output voltage and current will be better balanced, plus the idle and startup current will be lower.

The M1 main magnetic contactor that in the control panel is design to control the idler motor generator plus the phase phase output. The size of the contactor is based on idler motor full load amps multiplied by 1.73. This contactor is controlled by the built-in start-stop push button station.

The built-in push button station is the easiest way to turn the converter on and off, you will never need to use a disconnect switch or even the circuit breaker to turn the converter on and off. The advantage of this setup is when you have a brown-out the converter will not be able to restart itself, this would safe guard the panel from trying to restart the converter and three phase loads at the same time, which could cause component failure in the panel or in the three phase equipment. Panel fuses is used for circuit protection.

The run capacitor circuit is designed from 370vac rated capacitors. Standard type converters on the market use only one bank of run capacitors, the in gold series design uses three different banks of run capacitors. Each bank will have different value of capacitance, which helps the performance of the converter to achieve better voltage and current balance plus lower idle and start-up current

The start capacitor circuit is designed from heavy duty 250vac start capacitors. The amount of capacitance that is used is based on idle motor horsepower, the circuit is designed for lower in-rush current. Depending on the size of the panel, there could be up-to three banks of start capacitors. Each capacitor bank has discharge resistors.

The M2 magnetic contactor is used to control the start capacitor circuit. Depending on the size of the panel, this contactor can be a one, two or three pole design. Each pole controls one bank of start capacitors. The amp rating per pole is based on the capacitance value in each bank of capacitors

The built-in current overload protection is designed to protect the idle motor from current overload from three phase load equipment or short circuit conditions. In the event the overload protector senses a overload current condition, the current overload will trip out. When the current overload trips out, the control circuit of M1 main magnetic contactor will shut off, saving the idle motor and three phases loads from overload current damage. The overload can be manually reset after the overload condition is resolved

The gold series uses a potential relay design, the relay controls M2 magnetic power contactor for controlling start capacitor circuit. The potential relay has a normally closed contact, as the idler motor builds up speed the manufactured B leg from the panel increases in voltage. When the manufactured leg achieves pick-up voltage, the normally closed contact opens in the potential relay, thus removing the start capacitor circuit thru M2 magnetic power contactor

The built-in 3-pole terminal block is used to connect your three phase loads into the gold series control panel, there is no need to use a external junction box for wiring your three phases load to the control panel

The Gold Series uses components that are UL approved, the enclosure is NEMA1. The panel can be modify to a different NEMA enclosure, external volt meters can be added to the panel cover for visual performance of the rotary phase converter. The idler motor generator is designed from standard three phase motors, that are rated at 230vac with a 17XX rpm ( 4 pole ) or 34XX ( 2 pole ) motor.

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